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Maritime District Rotterdam

It is only a short and beautiful walk from the Koopgoot or the Markthal, the most water-rich part of the city full of high-rise towers. Maritime District is the city district sandwiched between Oostplein and Leuvehaven and between Boompjes and Blaak.



Discover the Old Port and the White House

The White House. Architect Willem Molenbroek designed the building in Art Nouveau style on 'American' style. However, it became a brick tower and not a steel construction, as was used in America. The building was fully equipped: central heating, electric light and a telephone exchange for the tenants! The White House, once the tallest office building in Europe, was one of the few buildings in the city center to withstand the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940. The Oude Haven, one of the oldest ports in the Netherlands, is home to a large fleet of historic sailing ships. Around the harbor numerous sights, an old shipyard and many entertainment venues.




Living, working, lounging

The Maritime District is a special location. Many high residential towers and offices have been built in recent years. The location a short distance from the shops in the center and the lounge options on and along the water make the area highly sought after as a work and residential location.




Maritime discoveries

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam is a shipping and harbor museum in the center of Rotterdam and tells the maritime history of the Netherlands. There is a large collection of historic ships and transhipment equipment in the harbor. The museum is located at the Leuvehaven, one of the oldest ports in Rotterdam. At the end of Coolsingel, on the corner of Churchillplein and next to Plein 1940, the museum building forms the connection between the city center and the port.




A rich history

In addition to the many new construction projects, you will find many old memories of the rich history of this area. The old Regentesse bridge over the Wijnhaven, The White House on the Gelderse quay, The old shipyard the Kooningspoort, the many old sailing ships.