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In recent years, the Maritime District has undergone a major metamorphosis from a boring office district to a hip residential district with lots of entertainment on the water too. This also includes fun events such as the Old Port Summer Festival, the Wijnhaven Festival / Rotterdam Water Weekend, the World Port Days, the 010 City Swim, Sinfonia Maritime Concert, etc. in recent years.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, many events have been canceled or postponed.

This year, for the second time, Floating Cinema @ Maritime District will be held in September in the sloop harbor “The Re Apple Marina”. Are you coming as well?

In 2022 we hope to facilitate and organize fun events again.

Below is a selection of the events; an ideal moment to get to know our neighborhood!

Will you also participate in World Cleanup Day on September 18 to clean up our neighborhood?

A group of residents and students have taken the initiative to conduct a cleaning round in the Maritime District on Saturday afternoon, September 18, as part of World Cleanup Day.

There are of course prods available! You can sign up by sending an email to prikploegleuvekwartier@outlook.com

Are you visiting Atelier Maritime District?

The Maritime District is under development. There is more and more activity in the area.
The municipality is currently mapping out the opportunities and challenges of the area and they are drawing up a vision about how we prefer to see the outdoor space, mobility and use of shops, offices and facilities. We are happy to do this together with you: residents and entrepreneurs of the Maritime District.

Think and participate

In June we presented the wishes and ideas that we collected via our website via a digital meeting. Many maps have been made with that input in recent weeks. These maps deal with all kinds of themes, such as the use of water, greenery and trees and plinth functions.

Would you like to view these maps, discuss ideas or contribute ideas about the future of the neighbourhood? Then visit the Wikkelboats at The Red Apple Marina on Monday afternoons between 12.00:16.00 and 6:13. We will be working at this location on Monday afternoons from September 2021 to December XNUMX, XNUMX and we would like to hear from you whether you recognize yourself in the conclusions drawn about the area. Just ring the bell and we'll open the door for you. We also regularly walk through the area with maps to hear from you how you experience matters such as safety and the attractiveness of the outdoor space. More information can be found at: Maritime District | Rotterdam.nl.

Podcast Theatrical Architecture Soundwalk
'The Apple does not fall far than the tree'

Experience the Maritime District like never before. Through the eyes and ears of courier and
student Mats. Discover the history that is on the water, in hidden alleys,
behind front doors or in the elevators of the residential towers. And experience how delivering a package can add an unexpected twist to life.
Walk this sensory Podcast route with your own phone; it takes about 30 minutes.

Here's how to follow the 'Apple doesn't fall far from the tree' route:
1. Download here the Podcast on your phone
2. Use headphones or earphones
3. Go to the starting point: Plein 1940, Rotterdam
4. Click on start. Lots of fun!
Tip: Bring a print of the map

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