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The Waterstad society consists of four curious residents, eye witnesses and experience experts from a radically changing living environment. The society wants to get the history of this special city district above water as inspiration for the latest developments.

We hope that the dynamic plans are based on the many qualities of Waterstad. Against all progressive thinking, it is worth taking a moment to reflect on four centuries of fascinating Rotterdam history.

Trade, shipping, religion, philosophy, art and culture have left their mark on Waterstad. And who has left their footprints here?

The society collects images and stories, but also aims to bring heritage back to their original location.

Under the motto The Secret of Water City, we compile leaflets with photos and texts on various topics.

Thanks to the enthusiastic cooperation of Museum Rotterdam, the Archaeological Service Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy, Residents' associations, Culture Scouts, Wijnhaven festival, Rotterdam Water Weekend ... and a growing group of interested people in local history, it must be possible to discover the secrets of Waterstad.

Recommended Sources:

  • City in growth, History of Rotterdam to 1813, part I ,. Arie van der Schoor.
  • City in growth. History of Rotterdam after 1813, part II, Paul van der Laar
  • Tear mail. Herco jar. Daily special historical sketches and current information. Webshop. info@scheurmail.nl
  • Roterodamum Society, yearbooks, information meetings
  • City Archives Rotterdam, Museum Rotterdam.
  • www.leuvekwartier.nl
  • www.waterstadgenootschap.nl under construction!