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The Water City Society


The Water City Society seeks and finds cooperation.
With Museum Rotterdam, Roterodamum, BOOR, Cultuurscouts, Willem de Kooning Academy, Platform Reconstruction Rotterdam, Maritime District Foundation, Heritage Ports Foundation, The Red Apple Marina, various VvEs, Leuvekwartier Residents Association, Architecture Institute Rotterdam, the VSWR (Association of Ship Owners Water City Ports Rotterdam), interested entrepreneurs and residents, etc.

Some examples

We have been working with the municipal archaeological service (BOOR) since the first Rotterdam Water Weekend in 2017. We were kept well informed during the excavations at the Our Domain construction site (formerly Bright). We have one of the canvases with a historical map of Waterstad from 1599 on loan

Exhibition project 9 lions Willem de Kooning Academy 2017

We participate in various manifestations with the Willem de Kooning Academy. We provide students with information about the (history of the) environment. The Water City Association helps them with ideas and spaces for projects.

BOOR stand during Rotterdam Water Weekend 2017 with a small archaeologist

At manifestations in the Maritime District, such as the Wijnhaven Festival and the Oude Haven Festival, the Water City Society is present with an information booth and we organize mini-exhibitions and guided tours.

Oude Haven Festival, 2019

In collaboration with Platform Wederopbouw Rotterdam, we put together the photo exhibition “Water City, Reconstruction and Living” in the autumn of 2020.

Photo exhibition at The Red Apple, 2020

History as inspiration

The depot of Museum Rotterdam contains building parts from the old city, ornaments, facing bricks and façade statues, which ended up in the municipal collection after the demolition of buildings or after the bombing of May 1940. The museum would like to see initiatives to return this historical heritage to its original location. An inventory brought us to several projects. The first match has been made: the two façade images Maas and Rotte return to the Glashaven. Architectural firm Klundert has promised to include the images in the new building of the Glashaventoren.
We are now receiving more and more questions from entrepreneurs and civil servants about local history, to inspire future developments. Builders and entrepreneurs like to evoke the rich past of the Maritime District with historical images or photos.

The idea is to place several large photos in striking suitable places, such as the photo of the air track on the garage windows of the Wijnhaeve residential tower (see above). The photo project was realized with the support of the area committee and presented to more than 2018 residents and neighbors in 60. A temporary mini-exhibition with historical photos of the air track was enthusiastically received, as was the brochure “Het Luchtspoor”.
We notice more and more that (future) residents would like to know more about the place where they (will) live. We think it would be a good idea to opt for targeted information for current and future residents by organizing a mini exhibition on location, for example on an open day for a new construction project. This can possibly be combined with a lecture or a tour. In addition to these concrete plans, we would like to add more different historical accents to the district. Both inside and outside. The themes in our brochures serve as a guideline. Depending on the theme, this accent can be light to emphatically present, once or permanently. We like to work with everyone who cares about the history of the Maritime District.

Leaflets and plans

Much of our knowledge has now been reflected in ten leaflets, each highlighting a partial aspect of Waterstad. Under the joint title “The Secret of Water City” we always try to build a bridge from the current situation to the past and vice versa.
The subjects in the brochures not only provide information, but are also suggestions for plans to make the themes in the neighborhood visible. Some plans are already concrete. Others are waiting for elaboration, whether or not in collaboration with third parties. You can find the directories if you here. click.

Contact us by e-mail: info@waterstadgenootschap.nl

Myranda Mulder
Fieke Bregman
Margaret Doe
Elbrig de Groot

Here you will find the link to the interview with the members of the Water City Society for the Chronicle of the Historisch Genootschap Roterodamum.