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The Water City Association has now produced a series of interesting and easy to read leaflets about (former) buildings in our neighborhood.

The topics in the brochures below not only provide information, but are also suggestions for plans to make the themes in the neighborhood visible. Some plans are already concrete. Others wait for elaboration, whether or not in collaboration with third parties.

There is a plan to translate (a summary of) the brochures into English for the many expats living in our neighborhood. We are working on the following brochures, such as the Leuvehaven, Het Witte Huis and the nature of Waterstad.

Wine Buyer's Guild House

The main guild of Rotterdam owned a beautiful building, located at the tip of the Wijnhaveneiland. We are looking for a suitable place and funds to return the facing brick to the neighborhood. The Museum Rotterdam, which manages the facing brick, is pleased with our initiative.
The Punt van het Wijnhaveneiland has had many destinations in its more than 400 years of existence. The plan is to place a series of images here of this striking location through the centuries.

Spanish quay

An impressive visit. Marquis Ambrogio Spinola, commander in chief of the Spanish army, arrived in the Old Port in 1608 to negotiate with Prince Maurice about the later Twelve Years 'Truce in the Eighty Years' War. The wooden facade of Spinola is located in the Museum Rotterdam. Together with the museum, we are looking for ways to restore a 3D version.

The Lantern

For a long time, a society at the Scheepmakershaven was an important meeting point for intellectuals from all over Europe. Saskia Wigbold's philosophers' bench at the tip of Wijnhaveneiland is a reminder that it was not only trade and shipping that set the tone at this location.

The Groote Concert Hall in the Bierstraat

Commissioned by a consortium of Rotterdammers, the originally Italian architect Jan Giudici built a concert hall in 1804, which can accommodate 200 visitors.

The Luchtspoor

In the summer of 2018, we festively presented our first photo project to residents and local residents. On the windows of the Wijnhaeve garage a photo from around 1930 of the now vanished Luchtspoor has been placed, exactly on the spot where the famous and infamous train viaduct defined the cityscape between 1877 and 1993.

Facade sculptures MAAS and ROTTE back to the Glashaven?

The two statues by the well-known Haarlem sculptor Hendrik Albertus van der Eijnde - the same as the old Bijenkorf reliefs - come from the Hermes office building at Glashaven 27. A design by architect Albert Otten from 1916. Rescued from the rubble and possibly back in the entrance of the new Glashaventoren to be built in collaboration with Ingrid de Jager, head of collections of the Museum Rotterdam and Stefan Fremouw of Klunderarchitecten.

Willem de Kooning and King Willem II

Somewhat hidden heritage adorns the facade of the Willem de Kooning Academy on the corner of Wijnstraat and Vissteeg. The statue of Willem II is a replica; the original is awaiting restoration. The academy carefully manages another replica and the original sword.

Old Port - King's bridge, setting for an impressive painting

Isaac Israëls painted at the Koningsbrug - also called Vierleeuwenbrug - “The transport of the colonials” (1883-84). With Roterodamum we are looking for opportunities to return the three lions that are now lying on the Maasboulevard back to the Oude Haven. A spontaneous opinion poll during the Oude Haven Festival 2018 found an enthusiastic response with a large list of signatures.

The Regentessebrug

This bridge is a striking appearance in Waterstad with its graceful lanterns and sturdy bronze lions. A bronze E has been placed on the central arch, which refers to Queen Regent Emma. Together with her daughter Wilhelmina, who had been crowned queen in 1898, she opened the bridge by carriage on June 9, 1899. We would like to tell the story of the festive opening of the Regentessebrug on an old advertising column (pepper box) near the bridge.