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Beginning 2019 has started the Ondernemerscollectief Maritiem District (Entrepreneurs Collective Maritime District) within the Foundation with the aim of generating more cooperation between entrepreneurs in the Maritime District and thus putting this area on the map as an attractive area to establish yourself as an entrepreneur. More than 20 organizations have now joined the collective and this number is still growing. Do you also join?

This website will be expanded in the near future as well as the social media (Facebook & Instagram) to promote the area and the companies active in the area. In addition, we provide promotional materials that can be used during events in our area. Various events that make a valuable contribution to the character of the area are facilitated and promoted by us. A number of entrepreneurial meetings take place in 2019 to generate ideas for promoting a successful entrepreneurial environment and then to get started.

The entrepreneurs collective organizes itself on Saturday 7 September during the World Port Days a small-scale event in the form of "Floating Cinema" where it shows what the Maritime District has to offer. Shortly here more info.

To make the Wijnhaven more attractive as a connecting axis between the Witte de With and the Oude Haven, we want to better illuminate the Wijnhaven in certain places, by means of better lighting and - in consultation with the municipality - appropriate area signage. In addition, we are in favor of setting up a catering committee for Wijnhaveneiland and its immediate surroundings.

The Context of the Maritime District

The Maritime District is a district in transition. Workplaces become homes. In addition to living there is also an increasing number of catering establishments. The water is used more intensively, among other things for heritage. From a predominantly working location, the Maritime District changes into a neighborhood with a mixed character of living, working, hospitality, education and culture. For a neighborhood that is undergoing such a rapid change process, it is important to invest in cohesion, in social cohesion, in cooperation between residents, entrepreneurs and important institutions such as Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Maritime Museum. The Maritime District Foundation was established to initiate and maintain cooperation between those parties and to continue to focus attention on the (possibilities of the) neighborhood.

The Maritime District is more than a place to work, live and study. The district is an important part of the development of Rotterdam city center. The Maritime District is the link between the center and the river. Municipal policy is aimed at strengthening that connection function in order to better link the center to the riverbank. The Maritime District Foundation wants to connect the neighborhood more closely with the overall spatial and economic development of Rotterdam. The foundation wants to remove the neighborhood from the shadow in which it has been lying for too long. She wants to profile the Maritime District as an active part of a lively city center in which living, working, studying and going out are in good balance with each other. Entrepreneurs and residents of the area work together to realize this goal, whereby the Foundation acts as a facilitator. The Entrepreneurs Collective also falls under the Foundation.

Register your organization for the Ondernemerscollectief and mention it on this website.

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